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Merry Christmas Cards 2023 – Christmas Day is December 25, when the Birth of Jesus in Bethlehem is commemorated in the Gospels of Matthew and Luke. Christmas is the most important holiday of the church year as the Gospels do not mention dates, not sure that Jesus was born that day. Christmas Day was not officially recognized until 345, when the influence of St. John Chrysostom and St. Gregory Nazianzus proclaimed December 25 as the date of the Nativity. Thus continued the policy of the early Church to absorb rather than repress existing pagan rites, which from the earliest times had celebrated the winter solstice and the arrival of spring. Sending Merry Christmas Greeting Cards and Merry Christmas Pictures to our loved ones is a lovely way to show respect and gratitude towards them.

Merry Christmas Cards

Merry Christmas Cards

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Merry Christmas Cards 2023

Christmas Day is one the most special occasions to send greetings and cards to our friends, family, and best ones. It’s the holiday season running in the United States and other European countries to celebrate Christmas 2023. Huge Mass services in the remembrance of Jesus Christ will be held all over the USA, including the White House at midnight on 25th December 2023. To wish each other people will start making Merry Christmas Cards at home while some will buy online from e-stores. Early Christmas has been celebrated differently than the current one as it’s not a recently started festival. Since 2 BC Christians which were formerly known as Romans started celebrating this day with different names. Later on, when Christ came onto this earth and proved himself as the son of God, this ancient festival turned into the ‘Christ-Mass’.

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For many kids, housewives, and other art-loving people, Christmas is the perfect time to show some creativity to decorate their homes, offices, and gardens. Making Merry Christmas 2023 Cards at home is also a similar skill-improving activity they can try this year. But if you are not good enough to make a greeting card yourself, you can use our shared Christmas Greeting Cards 2023.

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